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No Warranties
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Limitations of Damage
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Posting on the Website
We do not claim any ownership of any materials shared by you with us which can include advice, suggestions, posts, articles, or any other input you may submit to any section of the website. However, when you share any such material, you are granting us the license and permission to use the same for our services and solution without any limitation whatsoever. We reserve the right to copy, distribute, share, transmit, transfer, publish, edit, translate, format and reformat any such material shared by you. We also reserve the right to sublicence these rights to any third-party.
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Changes and Modifications
We reserve the absolute right and discretion to change, modify, or update these terms and conditions or any part of it at any time.The changes and modifications we make shall be applicable immediately after they are published and your continued use of the website after the same shall be construed as your express acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

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